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Handle GIF Transparency, Interlacing

  1. Introduction
  2. Legal
  3. Download
  4. Usage
  5. Related Resources
1. Introduction
giftool was formerly developed by www.homepages.com (this domain has been bought by another company), which have discontinued to exist. The source-code is (c) by them, and restrictions apply for commercial use.

You can make GIFs interlaced, or non-interlaced and set transparency, and add comments.

2. Legal

Since the company stopped to exist, I do not know who owns the Copyright of it anymore. Since I consider the tool as must for every UNIX web-developer, I redistribute it here again freely. If this is a problem for anybody, let me know.

3. Download


4. Usage

 Usage: giftool [options] [file] 
        giftool (-p|-c|-B) [options] [files...] 
         -B      Batch Mode, read and write the same filename 
         -i      Set GIF Interlace mode ON 
         +i      Set GIF Interlace mode OFF 
         -p      Print information about file(s) 
         -c      Print comment information 
         +c      Add comments to file(s) 
         -C      Strip comment from file(s) 
         -o file Send output to 'file' 
         -rgb name       Use 'name' as the transparent pixel 
         -rgb ##,##,##   tUse rgb-value as the transparent pixel 
         -###    Used pixel index as transparent  
                 (1 == first colormap entry) 
 For instance you could say 'giftool -B -i *.gif' to convert all  
 your images to interlaced GIF files in one easy step. 
 giftool version 1.0 is Copyright 1994 Home Pages, Inc and is  
 shareware. Please, use the -info option to read the licensing  

Sample usage:

 % giftool -B -i -192,192,192 test.gif 

to make test.gif interlaced and 192,192,192 (light-grey) transparent.

5. Related Resources

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Last update 1998/12/04

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