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Graphic Resources, or Life Is Colorful

  1. Introduction
  2. Packages
  3. Interactive Programs
  4. Collections
  5. Further Resources
Graphic Lab
1. Introduction
The Labs.Com has developed some tools which are listed below.

The most outstanding package is PicArt, it has over 30 programs and its own script-interface called PicArtScript.

This site was programmed using PicArt, ie. the graphical headers with the green glowing light was done that way, no GIMP neither Photoshop ever touched those graphics.

Beside PicArt are other smaller tools hosted here.

Graphic Lab
2. Packages

Powerful graphic package with own script-language
The Fonts
Large Type1 & TTF fonts
Some PS resources
3D Graphics
3D Graphic resources
UNIX tool to merge multiple GIFs into one GIF89a animation
UNIX tool to set interlace, transparency and GIF comments
Looking for a picture? This is your engine! (coming soon)

Other people' graphic-tools we recommend:
Lot of links and news for artists using LINUX
converting many formats back and forth
Very good GIF animator
Very good GIF library
Good library

Graphic Lab
3. Interactive Programs

The 2d drawing tool no 1, a must
SVG-based vector drawing tool - promising (Status Oct 2001)
The best viewer program
Vector oriented drawing, export PS, EPS, GIF & XPM

Graphic Lab
4. Collections

Image Collection
General images
Material Collection
Tiles of materials
Lense Flares
Lense flares resources
XXL Wallpapers
Wallpapers for multi-monitor setups (developed by my own)

Graphic Lab
5. Further Resources

Grafica Obscura
SGI collection of nifty graphic ideas & concepts


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-- Steve Balmer (Microsoft) blaming Apple regarding iPhone, February 18, 2009

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Last update 2004/01/15

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