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PicArt Package & PicArtScript V0.044 - Copyright (c) 1997, 1998

written by René K. Müller

Last update Sat Sep 26 18:56:27 EDT 1998


  1. Idea
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Installation
  4. The Glory Details
  5. Fonts
  6. Graphic Links
  7. History
  8. Todo
1. Idea

PicArt is a collection of standalone programs (like NETPBM), but additionally there is script-interface to each program: PicArtScript. It is loosely based on PostScript (stack-oriented) whereas also function-call with arguments approach can be chosen as illustrated in the graphic above. If you are familiar with Photoshop or GIMP, and you are experienced with programming languages, you will like PicArt and PicArtScript very much.

2. Disclaimer

This package comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY AND SUPPORT. We are very busy with other projects and do have really no additional time to provide support of any kind; I provide this source and this page as I know many people looking for packages like that, most of the c-source code is written straight forward without any consideration of optimization, speed or minimal use of memory, but solely by thoughts of simplicity and fast implementation.

Please consider to check out www.gimp.org, they actually put together the best drawing tool for UNIX called GIMP, which has also script interface (tcl and perl as well).

3. Installation

Look at the Makefile and edit installation directory in case you don't want them in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib/phtml/*

Create a link within the directory of PicArt called libjpeg pointing to the actual directory where libjpeg.a resides.

Run make and then make install to instal all pa* to /usr/local/bin directory.

4. The Glory Details

Consider to look at the overview of all programs and its script-interface.

5. Fonts

There are two formats supported: PostScript Type1 (using t1lib), and TrueType (using freetype-lib), two public-domains libraries, the source-code is copyrighted. Check also TTFtoType1 to convert TTF to Type 1.

The most common asked question, where do I get the free fonts:

Please note, I cannot provide direct download as some fonts need to be registered with the authors/copyright holders.

6. Graphic Links

Free graphic program with layers, a must to visit
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks
For Photoshop 4
Photoshop 4.0 Tricks
Some tricks how to do effects, useful to re-implement using PicArt ;-)
Collection of icons and tiles
SUNET Pictures
Good collection of pics

7. History

       Aug 10, 1998
            contrast and hsl
       Jul 12, 1998
            further wavy support
       Jul 10, 1998
            smear, spread and rotate implemented (without pbmpackage)
       May 26, 1998
            paste & scale some more sophisticated args available
       May 12, 1998
            map either with color or image
       May 10, 1998
            grabage collector started (not fully finished)
            xv call now handles images with alpha-channel too
       Apr 19, 1998
            cleanup allowed, removes all tmp-files (usually only done at exit)
       Apr 13, 1998
            function calls recursive, [a]sin, a[cos], [a]tan, abs and rand
            also 'for' fixed to be called recursive too
       Apr 3, 1998
            * + - / added
       Mar 19, 1998
            function-calls and assignments allowed
       Dec 29, 1997
            minor changes
       Dec 25, 1997
            draw and light sub-functions implemented
       June 29, 1997
            no pnmprgs used anymore (except rotate and scale)
       June 21, 1997
            misc improvements, { } multi-line, # comments, etc.

8. Todo

  1. Shared library support
  2. Shared memory for pictures handled by pascript
  3. Graphical front-end tcl/tk or perltk


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